Wellness & Spa Alexander

Our spa is located on the lobby floor and takes its inspiration from the “land of the rising sun.” The spa’s minimalistic Japanese esthetics and uncompromising cleanliness have been meticulously designed to induce a meditative, tranquil ambiance.
At the Alexander Spa, you can relax in style on one of the personal or couples treatment beds and receive treatments from the most professional and experienced therapists using superior-quality products. Even before you select the spa treatment you desire, you can revel in a luxurious shower and wrap yourself in a soft robe.
The Alexander Spa’s treatment menu offers a variety of treatments to choose from: Swedish, classical, head and foot massages, aromatherapy, athletic massage and more. Our menu was selected after consulting with international experts and is designed to give you a unique experience that is healing for your body and soul. The Alexander Spa uses only the highest quality products. Your body will thank you and your soul will never forget this transcendental experience. Don’t miss the one-of-a-kind experience of the Alexander Spa.