Tel Aviv Pride 2019

In 2018 Tel Aviv celebrated its 20th Gay Pride parade, The biggest parade ever in Israel with over 250,000 participants both Israeli and tourists from all over the globe. Tourists came from Europe, U.S.A, South America and even Australia, and stated that the pride Gay Pride parade was not a celebrating for only the gay community but for everyone, they were amazed by the amount of love and support for the LGBT from those outside of the community. The parade took place on the main streets of Tel Aviv, The promenade, going by all of the main hotels and ending by the white city's blue ocean.

The City of Tel Aviv-Jaffa celebrated its 20th pride parade with the theme "Pride community making history", a gesture to those who have been marching for equality from day one. In 2018 we celebrate the achievements, history and steps made by those that now make up the colors of the pride flag. The parade showed the country's joint efforts to dismantle the walls of separation and hatred so that all citizens can live as equals.

The Gay Pride parade is not the only event that took place during The pride Month, with events and meeting throughout the city open to everyone, including sporting events, pride cultural events in cooperation with the Israeli opera, Eretz Israel Museum and Habima Theatre, picnics for proud families and more. The 20th Gay Pride Parade marked a milestone for the Gay community in Israel. At The Alexander Hotel Tel Aviv, guests enjoyed a luxury boutique hotel located next to the Mediterranean sea. Dozens of tourists from all of the world, looking for an intimate and high quality boutique hotel in the best location is Tel Aviv chose The Alexander Hotel as their preffered location in Tel Aviv – The proudest City in The Middle East.

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