The Eurovision Song Contest 2019

We at The Alexander Hotel Tel Aviv Hotel are extremely excited about the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2019, which will be held in Israel in May 2019. The completion will arrive to The White City Following Neta Barzilai's success winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon with the song "TOY" last year, exactly 20 years after Israel's last victory with Dana International's winning performance the song "Diva" in.

1998 and exactly 40 years after hosting Israel's double victory year after year with the winning of "Hallelujah" - Gali Atari and the band Milk and Honey and in 1978 Yizhar Cohen success with " Abanibi". Eurovision 2019 will be broadcasted on Channel 11. The semi-finals will be held on 14th & 16th May, and the final itself (with Israel's place is already guaranteed) on 18th May. This will the 64th Eurovision Song Contest and for the first time in 20 years will be held in Tel Aviv, with the participation of 42 countries. The Eurovision will take place at The Tel Aviv Exhibition grounds.. During the entire week of the competition, the whole city will celebrate The Eurovision Song Contest with performances, culinary events, and of course The Euro Village, which will be built on the promenade of Tel Aviv.

Israel's representative this year will be Koby Merimi, after winning Israeli reality TV show "Next star to The Eurovision" and the competition will be presented by well known Erez Tal, Lucy Ayoub, Assi Azer and Bar Refaeli The Alexander Hotel Tel Aviv is located only 5 minutes drive from the Tel Aviv Exhibition Center and will be delighted to host any tourist who would like to enjoy and experience the Eurovision 2019 in our amazing City of Tel Avov. In addition, the Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcasted in the lobby of the hotel for all guests that made it to the city to celebrate the Eurovision and didn’t manage to get a ticket to the event itself. . Eurovision 2019 in Israel, will certainly be one of the largest and most exciting events, as has it always has proven to be in the past. The Tel Aviv Municipality has announced that it will hold several major events besides the competition itself: Euro Village will be built at the Charles Clore Park situated on Tel Aviv's beautiful promenade. The village will be open to the general public for approximately 10 days and will include performances of past and present stars of the competition.

The semi-finals will also be screened live in Eurovision Village. Israels Famous "White Night 2019" festival will take place on 16th May immediately after the second semi final. White Night Events 2019 will be open to the general public for free or at reduced prices, Locals and toursists will be able to find 40 stages Throughout the city, with each stage for a hosted by a different country taking place at The Eurovision Song Contest. The audience will also be able to enjoy parties, outdoor performances, plays and , more throughout Tel Aviv, The City that never sleeps.. The Alexander Hotel Tel Aviv, located on the white shores of the Mediterranean Sea, adjacent to the port of Tel Aviv, is excited to host delegations, journalists and fans of competition - during the ten days of preparations for the competition, the semi-finals and of course the big final, we are looking forward to be at your service and assist with all guests may need. At the Alexander Hotel you will be able to purchase a multi-line ticket that serves as a public transportation ticket for a nominal amount of NIS 11.90, which will allow tourists to travel comfortably around the city from party to party and of course to the big event at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Center, only five minutes journey from the Alexander Hotel on Tel Aviv's.

We at The Alexander Hotel Tel Aviv are excited to see you in all the events of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019, and in the Grand Final of the 18th of May at the Alexander Tel Aviv Hotel