Luxury Hotel in Tel Aviv

When it comes to looking for  a luxury hotel in Tel Aviv, you’ll naturally want to pick somewhere worthy of this special international city. As a port city, it is naturally connected with the outside world. In an age of increasing globalization and interconnectivity, it’s one of the great bastions of multiculturalism, tolerance and beauty in the entire region.
There’s much to see, do, and take pride in when touring the streets of Tel Aviv. It’s definitely a place you should visit at least once in your life, and once you do, you’ll no doubt want to stay somewhere truly special.
The Alexander Tel Aviv (Hotel)
The Alexander Hotel is the premium luxury hotel in Tel Aviv, and is one of the best hotels in the entirety of Israel. Its suites are second to none, each laid out with all the comforts of home—and then some. We offer spa experience, perfect for relaxing after an exciting day touring Tel Aviv. The hotel is located on the popular metzitzim beach  and highly advantageous Tel Aviv Port, which is itself the heart of Tel Aviv’s shopping and nightlife scene, and one of the great cultural centers in modern Israel.
Experience Fine Dining in the Best Luxury Hotel in Tel Aviv
One of the things of which we’re most proud is our fine dining options. Our dining areas include a relaxing, truly modern-feeling lobby restaurant and a rooftop dining experience that’s second to none.  The latter is perfect for taking in the full luminescence of the beauty of Tel Aviv at night.
Whether you’re here for business, pleasure, or both, we’re proud to stand as the best luxury hotel in Tel Aviv, an experience you’ll never forget, with sights, sounds, and memories that will last a lifetime.